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This form is used to apply for courses at the IMF Institute headquarters (HQ) in Washington, D.C., including the Online Learning (OL) courses, IMF-administered courses at the Brazil Training Program (BTP) in Brazil, The IMF Middle East Center for Economics and Finance (CEF) in Kuwait, Joint Vienna Institute (JVI) in Austria, the IMF-Singapore Regional Training Institute (STI) in Singapore, the Africa Training Institute (ATI) in Mauritius, the South Asia Regional Training and Technical Assistance Center (SARTTAC) in India, and courses at our regional training programs in Georgia and South Africa.
Applications must be completed in the language of the course. Applications for courses conducted in Arabic and all courses at the JVI should be completed in English. The IMF Admissions Committee may require an approved language test for course applicants whose working language is not the same as the language of the course.
The closing date for applications is strictly observed.
The IMF Institute for Capacity Development will not receive your application until you submit it using the submit button. Submitted information is final and cannot be changed.
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